About Brad

Hi, my name is Brad and I’m an astroholic.

About the blog.
Skywise Unlimited is a lighthearted blog about cosmology and maybe some other stuff. I like to try to understand and appreciate the traditional frameworks that humans use to model the architecture of the Universe. I especially tend to emphasize the short narratives of the supernatural sort because I find that sort of thing so much more interesting than long-winded dogma. Don’t you just hate long-winded dogma? And besides, the narratives are where we so often find reflections of the morality of the designers of a given cosmology.

Besides my non-god-fearing secular viewpoints, expect some occasional prose, editorial digressions, overuse of commas, and frequent cynical irreverence.

Dissenting opinions are welcome with one notable exception. Fuck racism.

About my passion.
I am fascinated by tribal cosmologies and by archeoastronomy in general. Being part Choctaw Indian, I’ve long had a special interest in preserving American Indian and other aboriginal starlore.

About my upbringing.
I was raised by fire-breathing Baptists, the kind that pound their fists on the pulpit and scream and sweat and spray massive bits of spit when they preach. My father was a Baptist minister and my mother was a minister’s wife. My grandfather was likewise a hell and damnation preacher. I was raised and prepped to follow in the pastoral profession. That didn’t happen. After much soul searching, I didn’t find one. In fact at an early age I decided that the entire concept of a soul is poorly defined.

More about Brad’s apostasy: I once was a Baptist.

About my real life.
I am an astronomer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, with an emphasis in Astrophysics and Math, and a Master’s Degree in Science Education. I currently teach college astronomy courses and I design planetarium presentations. Opinions expressed here are entirely my own and are not necessarily blah blah blah.

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