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Brad’s Turkey Etiquette

November 20, 2012


You have one job. The Turkey. Don’t blow it. 1. Buy the biggest bird you can get. Try for a 25 to 30 pounder or more. Folks ALWAYS ask about and repeatedly remark about the size of the bird. So give them something to talk about. It’s only a few bucks more and it’s worth […]

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The Portrait

February 7, 2012


The portrait I paint begins with gold colored hair. It glows and it flows and it mixes with earth. This is where sunshine shows what it’s worth. For there in-between the sun and the mud, we find life. It laughs and it loves as it lives there between. It grows and it goes and turns […]

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Is it Art?

January 6, 2012


But is it art? I’ve thought about that question a lot and it reminds me of another. How do you know when something is funny? Do you just know? Is it a feeling, something from inside, something hard to describe? Is it called funny simply because of how it strikes you? Sometimes I will find […]

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