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The Inequality of Dr Bell

May 12, 2013


A Particle Man’s Lifeis Always Intense How can a pair of tiny particles remain connected, remain related, and perfectly responsive to each other, in spite of being separated beyond their ability to communicate at subluminal speeds? It’s as if a pair of twins are born but are never truly separate beings. They remain in some […]

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Heavenly Bodies

April 28, 2013


John was a geek. No one doubted that. He liked three things; math, physics, and math. He spent hours every day at his little desk, drawing circles and triangles and weirdly nested multi-faceted polyhedrons, and he played around with the associated mathematical formulae. He made pretty good money these days at least, even though almost […]

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When Chalking Became a Verb

January 11, 2013


Chalking: the use of chalk to express celebratory or ideological ideas on the bricks, cement, and other surfaces in a public area. I was there when and where the trend and use of the term “chalking” started on the Western Washington University campus. The story might amuse you, so here it goes. The concept of […]

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Neakita – a true story

January 9, 2012


Neakita is my mother’s name. It is the Choctaw Indian word for a type of wild rose. The flower the Choctaw word refers to has a simple blossom with five white petals and a gold center. The Neakita flower has a great and sad significance for the Choctaw. Legend says that anywhere a mother’s tear […]

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