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The Meaning of Death

January 1, 2015


And who shall separate the dust Which later we shall be? Whose keen discerning eye will scan And solve the mystery? The high, the low, the rich, the poor, The black, the white, the red, And all the chromatic in between, Of whom shall it be said: Here lies the dust of Africa, Here are […]

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Intelligent Life

May 18, 2014


The significance of the “Copernican Revolution” is that as soon as you embrace the Sun as a star, you are immediately faced with the possibility that when you look out into space, someone or something is looking back. Before Copernicus most people thought the Earth was pretty much the whole Universe so the idea of […]

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Scientists Are Cracking the Primordial Soup Mystery | Motherboard

April 13, 2013

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Scientists Are Cracking the Primordial Soup Mystery | Motherboard.

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

November 25, 2012


The Preacher Ecclesiastes 1:1 to 12:1 1:1 The words of the preacher, the son of King David in Jerusalem. Everything is nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything is absolutely nothing. People live and people die but the Earth just keeps on keeping on. The sun rises and the sun sets. The wind blows, the river flows. There […]

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I once was a Baptist

January 23, 2012


At a very early age I began questioning the logic of my parent’s faith. The answers weren’t what I expected. For instance, why did Jesus absolutely have to be tortured to death? Why did our sins have to be paid for and couldn’t there at least be a better way to pay? The souls of […]

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And so it begins.

December 15, 2011


Bad Brad’s Big Blog Theory Suddenly, there was a huge cacophonous sound. The event was actually unimaginably tiny, and there was probably nothing quite like sound yet, but FINALLY, after who knows how long, time itself was invented. At long last, with the appearance of sensible chronologies, event could follow event, and shit happened. At […]

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