Man on the Moon

July 30, 2015


Way back deep into the previous millennium, I made up a simple travel game. It’s called “Man on the Moon.” It’s nothing amazing and provides little social value but it was something my friends and I played while on route to a Led Zepplin concert in Seattle. Our trip was only a few hours whereas I’ve heard that the trip to the moon by the real Apollo astronauts was like three men sitting in the front seat of a station wagon for several days, with no bathroom stops. Anyway, for future space travelers, the goal of this game is to recall a common phrase that fits the following pattern.

“one syllable word” – on the – “one syllable word”

Here’s the Zepplin list, some of which are questionable, but there you go…

witch_moon_by_SeamanArtsmoonladdermoonglowmoondrapes2moonbaboonsmoonromancemoondreamerwolfmoonMan on the Moon

High on the Hog

Scotch on the Rocks

Step on the Gas

Life on the Lam

Pull on the Rope

Fish on the Line

Talk on the Phone

Hot on the Trail

Home on the Range

Eye on the Ball

Fly on the Wall

Right on the Mark

Leaves on the Trees

Walk on the Grass

Lie on the Beach

Sit on the Chair

Drinks on the House

Bird on the Wing

Stop on the Red

Go on the Green

Snow on the Roof

Sign on the Line

Stay on the Path

Sail on the Sea

Corn on the Cob

Life on the Streets

Cop on the Beat

Band on the Run

Cat on the Prowl

Night on the Town

Feet on the Floor

Hop on the Bus

Slam on the Brakes

Slide on the Ice

Fool on the Hill

Up on the Roof

Slap on the Back

Four on the Floor

Pot on the Stove

Sleep on the Floor

Knock on the Door

Tap on the Glass

Pat on the Head

Peck on the Cheek

Pinch on the Butt

Wart on the Nose

Place on the Map

Die on the Vine

Put on the Dog

Sit on the Porch

Eat on the Run

Life on the Edge

Kiss on the Lips

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Carpe Noctem

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